Top 5 Heating & Cooling Tips For Pet Owners

We all love our fuzzy friends. They are an integral part of our family.  Sometimes though, their fur and dander can decrease the quality of air in your home.  This decrease in air quality can potentially increase or irritate your allergies.  Below you’ll find the top 5 heating and cooling tips for pet owners. These will keep your home, and furry best friend happy.


  1. Groom your pets often.
    They’ll love this and so will you. Other than increasing quality time in your busy schedule, this will prevent hair build-up in your HVAC system. If your pets are like ours, they love being outside. Keeping them clean will reduce the amount of dirt and pollen they carry, especially during the El Paso windy season.
  2. Cleaning frequently, especially sweeping or vacuuming.
    This step works in conjunction with Step 1. Keeping on top of your vacuuming and sweeping in your home will reduce the amount of fur that can potentially end up clogging your system. A clogged system has the potential to increase your utility bill and damage your unit.
  3. Change your air filters regularly. Use a HEPA filter if you have allergies.
    We post about this all of the time on our Facebook page(link to FB page), change your filters often. If your furry friend spends more time inside than outside check your filters once a month. If you have allergies but can’t stand the thought of not having a pet, use HEPA filters.  Do you want to learn more about HEPA filters, read this article from WebMD.
  4. Protect your outdoor unit
    Fido spends the sunny days outside and nighttime inside. If your pet has access to the vicinity near your unit, install a fence or some other type of barrier to protect your pet and your investment in your home. This proactive approach limits your pets claws from reaching inside the unit and harming themselves. It can also decrease the chance of a surprise costly repair.
  5. Schedule your routine maintenance early.
    The last of our heating and cooling tips for pet owners, is for the owners themselves. Don’t wait until the last minute. Regular maintenance keeps your investment running efficiently. One of our experts frequently inspecting your system and providing feedback is priceless. Every home is different, we will provide feedback for your home pet situation. Sign up for a Home Owners Comfort Agreement today to receive priority during busy maintenance season.

We hope these tips can help you and everyone inside your home increase the quality of air you breathe. If you have any questions regarding out tips or would like to sign up for a Home Owners  Comfort Agreement, give us a call at (915) 921-9677 or visit our contact page. If you think you these Top 5 Heating and Cooling Tips for Pet Owners can help someone else in El Paso, please share this post!